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Installing Carbontec® is Cost-Effective, Fast and Easy

The best feature about the innovative Carbontec™ heating system is that installation in existing and in new buildings is simpler than ever. The heating film is an ideal choice for ceilings, walls or floors because of its special coating, perforated surface and thin structure which allows it to be bonded easily and cost-effectively to all existing surfaces such as plaster, tiles or wooden flooring. Although Carbontec™ heating film can be installed virtually anywhere, for the best heating performance it should be installed on unobstructed surfaces such as on the ceilings or on the walls. As the end result, the heating film becomes invisible once the installation is completed. All this is possible because the comfortable heat is generated by a film that is only one third of a millimeter thick.

Carbontec® Installation

Step 1


Prepare the surface area for the heating film and wiring

Step 2


Insert electric wiring and position the low voltage transformer

Step 3


Cut Carbontec® heating film and prepare contacts

Step 4


Apply a thin layer of plaster or adhesive

Step 5


Attach Carbontec™ heating film on the treated surface

Step 6


Apply a cover of our choice e.g. plaster, wallpaper, paint or tiles

Carbontec® supports post-installation works

Heating Ceilings with Carbontec®

The Carbontec® heating film provides the most effective way and the most equal distribution of heat when it is applied in the ceiling area. The subsequent addition of gaps and openings in the Carbontec® heating film is easily possible without the heating function being impaired.

Heating Walls with Carbontec®



There are no limitations to your innovation and design ideas. The Carbontec® heating film allows securing of pictures and shelves by means of nails and screws on the heating film surfaces without any detrimental consequences on heating performance.

Heating Floors with Carbontec®

Carbontec® heating film can be combined with almost all surfaces. Subsequent drilling on the Carbontec® heating film surface has no adverse effect on its functionality. This example shows a floating installation under a laminate/ hardwood.

Examples of Carbontec® Application

Warm Ceilings with Carbontec®...

Ceiling installation provides the most effective way of heating rooms with the Carbontec® system.

Warm Walls with Carbontec®...

Carbontec® heating films banish dampness & mold and allow securing of pictures and shelves without any adverse effects on heating performance.

Warm Floors with Carbontec®...



Carbontec® heating films operate at low voltage, are water-resistant and can be combined with almost all surfaces.


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