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Carbontec® Generates Quick and Efficient Heat

Ceilings, walls and floors are transformed into radiant energy saving and heating sources.  With Carbontec®, there is no longer a need for radiators, pipes and boilers cluttering your living space.  Infrared heat is immediately distributed fast and efficiently throughout your home.  Since the Carbontec® heating system generates instant heat, it can be used only when needed, saving time and money and ensures that your heating system fits your unique needs.


While Carbontec® can be used to complement your existing heating system, for the best effect, it should be completely replace any conventional system.

The Carbontec® Advantage

All Carbontec® heating films are based on a conductive carbon fiber tunneled polymer structure, which can only be realized with state of the art nanotechnology.


Carbontec® is unique in providing you with:



Perforated Conductive Surface

Permeability allows surfaces to "breathe", banishing humidity, dampness and mold


Damage Resistant

No adverse effect on functionality caused by nails or screws


Unique Coating

Improves bonding to ceiling and wall surfaces, reduces the amount of adhesive needed


Uniform Infrared Wave Radiation

Enables heating with up to 95% radiant efficiency


Low Voltage

Operates at a safe 24 Volts and is suitable for mobile home applications

Flush Copper Conductors

Provide ideal bonding properties and ideal contact resistance


Water Resistant

Making it suitable for wet areas especially for bathroom application


Thin and Flexible

The heating material has the versatility, flexibility and wafer thin quality of wallpaper


Rapidly Heats and Cools

Provides heat on demand and reduces heating costs



Has an operational life expectancy over 30 years


Carbontec® Heating Films for Every Application

For Ceilings and Walls:


Carbontec® 60/110/220/320 CFP-V

For Walls and Floors:


Carbontec® 60/110/220 CFP-G

• Perforation enables optimal permeability and diffusion of humidity


• Special fleece coating insures firm bonding and reduces the need for extensive adhesives on plaster and fillers surfaces


• Film width 600 mm (Carbontec® 60/110/220), 170 mm (Carbontec® 320)

• Perforation ensures optimal permeability and diffusion


• Optimum surface for flex tile adhesives and leveling compounds in soil and walls


• Ideal for wall and floor fixed installation


• Film width 600 mm (Carbontec® 60/110/220)

For Floors:


Carbontec® 125 CFI

For Walls, Floors and Wet Areas:


Carbontec® 125/220/320 CFI-V

• Special film coating provides resistance to abrasion

  and mechanical loads


• Suitable for recessed floating floor installation under

  laminate and wood flooring

• Insulation coating is optimized for mechanical strength and abrasion resistance


• Electrical contact is protected from moisture


• Installation is possible directly under tiles in wet areas


• Suitable for fixed wall and floor installation

Carbontec® System Components

Carbontec® Infrared Heating Film



The Carbontec® heating system consists of only of three main components. These components are the Carbontec® infrared heating film (left), the thermostat or regulator (middle) and the custom made transformer (right).


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