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Discover the Advantage of Carbontec®


Instant Heat

Carbontec® gives you heat instantly without a need for expensive pre-heating


Solar-like Heating in Your Home

Carbontec® delivers the highest quality radiant heat to you and your home


Health Benefits

Carbontec® ensures comfort and wellbeing


Renewable Energy Ready

Carbontec® compliments solar paneling


Energy Efficient

Carbontec® is 98% energy efficient


Space Saving

Carbontec® rids you of the need for radiators, pipes and boilers


Beneficial to Your Home

Carbontec® clears your home of humidity, dampness and mold


Cost Effective

Carbontec® has low running costs, no maintenance cost and low initial capital outlay



Carbontec® operates at a low voltage and is non-flammable


Runs Silently

Carbontec® operates silently


Easy to Install

Installation requires minimum time, effort and skills



Carbontec has both longevity and durability

What is Infrared Heat?

Infrared heat is a form of electromagnetic radiation that sits just beyond the red end of the visible light range of the electromagnetic spectrum.  Sometimes the word radiation is mistakenly associated with a harmful effect, but in fact, radiation is just a process of energy emission.  Just like visible light radiation, infrared radiation is 100% safe and even our own bodies emit infrared radiation.


Infrared heat is the main reason why we feel warm when the sun is shining in the middle of a cold day.  Our perception would suggest that if the air temperature was freeing, then we too would feel cold. However, this perception is not entirely accurate because heat energy can also be transmitted through radiation of waves emitted by the sun travel unimpeded through space, and warms any object which absorbs them, including our bodies.

Understanding the Difference Between Carbontec's® Radiant Heating and Conventional Convection Heating

Radiant Heating

Convection Heating

Infrared radiant heating works by transforming electricity into into infrared heat energy, which is beamed at solid surfaces such as walls or ideally the floor, to warm the room.  The emitted infrared energy is absorbed and reflected back by the surface area of a room, so that the heat is distributed in a uniform fashion.  Radiant heating heats seals and objects with infrared radiation which have a thermal capacity.


Conversely, air has no thermal capacity, such as in the case of traditional convection warmed rooms.  This means that infrared radiant heating is more effective to retain heat and help keep the home cozy.  With radiant heating the warm feeling will not immediately disappear even with open windows because Carbontec® heats directly solid surfaces.  However, with conventional heaters, where feeling warm is mostly dependent on the temperature of the air, the immediate effect of chilling wind would disturb your comfort of feeling warm.  For example, when a door is opened, the hot air will quickly escape requiring you to reheat the room to feel warm again.

Radiant heat works differently from conventional convection heaters.  Convection heating in the home works by warming up the air around you, which is a considerably less efficient way to heat a space.  For instance, a radiator does most of its heating through convectin currents and provides only very limited heating through infrared waves.  When the radiator warms up, it heats the air directly around it, which then expands and rises.  As the hot air rises, it creates a vacuum behind it, which pulls colder air into contact with the radiator, causing it to warm.  As the hot air begins to cool down the air drops back to the floor level.  This cold air gets heated again and this process keeps repeating itself -  this process is known as air circulation or draft resulting from convection heating.

Carbontec® Works like Solar Heating for Your Home

Carbontec® System


•  Warm Surfaces

•  No Air Flow

•  Radiant Efficiency

   over 95%

Convector Heating


•  Cold Surfaces

•  High Air Flow

•  Radiant Efficiency Under


The greatest  advantage of Carbontec® lies in its superior effectiveness in providing you with a  comfortable warm feeling. Carbontec® offers a more effective way to heat your space than conventional convector heaters because Carbontec® radiates infrared heat. Unlike traditional heating systems that warm you indirectly through heating the air mass, Carbontec® beams heat energy directly at you and to surfaces in your room. We feel warm when the infrared heat energy is absorbed by our body. This way of heating is similar to natural sunlight that heats our planet Earth.


Conventional heating is less effective than the direct radiation of infrared heat. As opposed to radiant heating. All conventional convection type of heaters (electric, hot water and oil) are less effective because convection heating does not radiate heat energy but instead heats up air volume, which only then warms the rest of your room. The conventional method of having to heat air volume is inefficient given that it requires about 3 times more energy to produce a warm effect. Warm air in a chilled environment can still leave you feeling cold since heating occurs indirectly via the air.



Carbontec® is Instant Heat

Instant heat means no waiting for a room to warm up. You can feel comfortable heat immediately because the heat is emitted by Carbontec® heating film instantaneously. It only takes about 30 seconds for Carbontec® to reach its full operating capacity. Feeling warm mostly depends on how much heat our body absorbs and to a lesser extent the temperature of surrounding air.


With Carbontec® radiant heating we start feeling warm almost immediately even if the rest of the room is still cold because we absorb the heat directly without needing to wait until the surrounding air gets warm. This experience of feeling warm is comparable with the warmth felt by skiers or mountain climbers. They do not freeze even in low air temperatures in the presence of sunshine. They are warmed by infrared radiation coming from the rays of the sun.

Carbontec® delivers the highest quality radiant heat to you and your home



Carbontec® is Renewable Energy Ready

Solar panels are perfect partners for the Carbontec® system



With the application of Carbontec® in your home, it is possible to use other energy from renewable sources such as sun, wind and water. For example, Carbontec® system can heat the entire house directly with free electricity coming from the solar panel installation on your roof. The combination of Carbontec® and renewable energy makes Carbontec® very economical, particularly over time. Carbontec® heats with CO2-neutral emissions. Heating with conventional energy sources, such as oil and gas is becoming increasingly expensive, whilst heating with renewable energy not only aids the environment but is also rewarding.


Carbontec® provides a sense of Wellbeing

Carbontec™ preserves the quality of air in your home.  Room air remains fresh because infrared heating does not consume oxygen and gradually changes the level of humidity around you. This maintains fresh, clean air, unlike conventional heating. With heating air masses convection heating has a higher capacity to carry humidity that leads to the reduction of relative humidity by condensation of water particles on cold surfaces such as ceilings and walls. Convector induced heating also dries the air which is has a negative effect on health by causing symptoms of dry mouth or skin.

Carbontec™ reduces the circulation of dust and therefore allergic reactions. Since infrared heat does not rely on air as the medium for transporting the heat like conventional convection heaters e.g. radiators, there is far less movement of air which means that dust and allergens are not circulated around a room, reducing their impact. In addition, conventional heaters warm the room by convection currents that perpetually circulate dust particles around the home these convection currents do not occur with infrared heating, so for people who suffer from asthma and other lung & skin conditions, infrared films can be the ideal solution.


Carbontec® helps rid your house of Dampness and Mold

Carbontec™ is the only infrared heating system that is capable of curing and preventing condensation, damp and mold issues. The unique perforation feature of Carbontec™ enables permeability i.e. transferring humidity from the surfaces. The permeability of the heating film prevents damp being trapped inside the wall and helps excess humidity to evaporate through the perforation in the material of Carbontec™. Other infrared heating films, which do not have this key feature, are not suitable for application on ceilings and walls. They can potentially contribute to damp to be trapped between the surfaces of the heating material and the wall.


Carbontec™ prevents mold because infrared heat warms up walls faster than the air of the room. As a consequence no steam condenses and mold has no opportunity to form on the dry wall. Additionally, dry walls insulate the heat better than humid ones and that lowers the energy costs.



Carbontec® is Energy Efficient

Carbontec™ heating films transform energy nearby to without loss. Besides being 98% energy efficient, Carbontec™ films can deliver heat with over 95% radiant efficiency. In comparison to Carbontec™, the radiant efficiency of conventional heating is normally below 30%. This means that conventional heating is less effective in providing you with heat energy as more than 70% of the heat energy goes to heat the air volume. Heating with 95% radiant efficiency, means that your money is not wasted on hot air masses concentrated around your ceiling, heating you do not need.


Consequently, the superior radiant efficiency of Carbontec™ results in about 3 times less energy needed relative to the energy required by conventional heating. That means that with Carbontec™ you not only get superior quality of heating but also waste less of our valuable energy resources.


Carbontec® is Cost Effective



Low running costs


The cost of running Carbontec® heating film as opposed to an electrical convection heater is far cheaper.  Money is saved because Carbontec® films are more radiant efficient than convection heaters and therefore require less power output to provide the same level of heat. For instance a 220W Carbontec® film will provide the same level of heating comfort as a 650W convection heater, so they roughly require a third of the input and are therefore cheaper to run. Additional savings are made when Carbontec® films are powered directly by a renewable energy source such as a roof solar panel. The radiant efficiency and effectiveness of Carbontec® can be further maximized if the products are applied to large surface areas such as walls or ceilings.

Low capital costs


Initial capital outlay is lower than for a water based conventional heating system. The heating material is inexpensive and cost effective to install. The installation process is fast and simple. Installation costs can be further reduced for existing homes if the heating film is installed on ceilings and walls.

No maintenance costs


Since Carbontec™ heating films are free of mechanical parts, which are prone to wear and tear, there is near zero maintenance. Most conventional heating products incur heavy maintenance costs over time.


Carbontec® Saves you Space



Carbontec™ heating film is thin and therefore uses the minimal amount of space, comparable to wallpaper. Carbontec™ film can be applied on any flat surface walls, ceilings and floors thus banishing completely the need for bulky radiators, pipes, storage heaters and boilers. Carbontec™ is not visible once installed in your home.



Carbontec™ can and should ideally be applied to the ceiling. With this application you can achieve greater heating area coverage. For example, Carbontec™ 220W heating film will heat a 17 square meter area if applied to the ceiling. The coverage reduces to 13.5 square meters a wall installation is used.


Carbontec® operates Silently



Relax comfortably as Carbontec® silently heats your space



As there are no moving or mechanical parts, Carbontec™ heating film is inaudible in both standby and operational modes unlike all water flow based conventional heating systems.


Therefore you can relax comfortably without any disturbing noise emanating from radiators, pipes, pumps or boilers

Carbontec® is Safe



All heating materials are non flammable and are safe to use on both interior and exterior home surfaces. Carbontec® material is not affected by contact with water. There is no risk of electric shock because Carbontec® heating film is powered by low voltage, through a custom made, safety certified Carbontec® transformer.


Carbontec™ film is suitable for bathrooms and other wet areas. Electromagnetic waves are so small that they are immeasurable. All Carbontec™ heating films are manufactured under ISO 9001 quality management systems and undergo strict material controls. They are CE certified and approved by safety agencies such as TUV and GS (Germany) and is UL listed in the United States.

Carbontec®  heating material is non flammable and is safe to use at home and outside



Carbontec® is Reliable




Carbontec®'s expected operational life is at least 30 years



Carbontec™ heating material is durable. There is no wear and tear under normal operating conditions because there are no mechanical parts. The expected operational life is at least 30 years under normal operating conditions.


Carbontec™ is not prone to physical damage. Screws and nails can safely be inserted through the Carbontec™ material without causing any damage to the heating operation unlike other infrared heating film products, whose operation becomes significantly impaired if physical damage occurs.

Carbontec® is Easy to Install



The installation is a fast, simple procedure requiring the minimum of effort. Carbontec® system consists of only a few components, which are easy to apply. There is no need to install a boiler, radiators or any additional pipe work in order to operate it.


Special coating and perforation on the Carbontec® film improves bonding on ceilings and walls and minimizes the amount of adhesive required.  This reduces the work needed for installation. Installation of Carbontec® requires the minimum of effort however should be carried out by a trained person.

Installing Carbontec® is cost-effective, fast and easy





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